I was surprised by the need to answer this question once again twice this week and not have thought before in a way to optimize the process. Not because I get bothered or hate to answer rather the opposite, I can give a more meaningful answer if I took the time to have a source of truth for my answer, so here we come:

Where to find resources?

The internet is a vast world where filtering options can be very valuable, in that sense, my idea here is to give you what has worked for me so far and that worked to others that receive this answer. There are a couple of questions that are very important to answer:

  1. How to understand if Frontend can be your realm?
  2. Do you have a way to pay for learning?
  3. Are you constrain to free options?

While there are countless ways to answer the questions above, again my idea is to filter and filter a lot from what I see that works fairly enough.

How to understand if Frontend can be your realm?

I had a conversation with @castrolem over our podcast to answer this, check that out

Do you have a way to pay for learning?

When I started I did it with CodeSchool (they don't exist anymore) but also I did it with treehouse.com those guys are amazing, I feel they filter enough and set clear paths of development that make you feel on track and making progress. You can choose a free trial and make study your work (if you can afford the luxury to just study the whole day), They have clear paths for web development that will guide you in this adventure.

Once you know how to center your div

Maybe more than center your div but once you got the basic and start to get your hands dirty with some concepts of HTML/CSS/JS while treehouse can help you to move further you can also take a look at egghead.io and frontendmasters.com those guys are well known on the e-learning world and will allow you to seek the knowledge to land into your first job

Elevating your game if you choose ReactJS

I can't continue without mentioning my favorite guy out there when it comes to React Kent C Dodds while he has different courses if you keep the track of the things I recommend then at this point you may want to go to testingjavascript.com

Are you constrain to free options?

At this stage, Google is your best ally but I will give you few things because you will need to understand what to search for

Learn to become a modern frontend developer

Roadmap infographic to "become web developer"

On top of that while the material is dense I have seen people going from 0 to hero with freecodecamp.org there is a lot of material there (you may not expect things as filtered and condensed as paid material) but if you go over there, believe me, you will get somewhere.

Look for jobs

Now just get out there show some things that you have done and create a webpage that you can handover to people to see what have you been doing. It is a great time to be a Software Developer